Dr Sylvia Lim-Tio is an experienced endocrinologist who trained in Melbourne and in the UK, is a member of the Royal College of Physicians, and is currently a staff specialist at Westmead Hospital.  She completed her post-doctoral degree in glucocorticoid (cortisol)/ mineralocorticoid action (adrenal /hypertension/ nuclear receptors) and has done further research in the nuclear receptor field of estrogen action (Cancer UK). She serves on the national EviQ Familial Cancer Genetics Guidelines panel.  

Dr Lim-Tio looks after all aspects of endocrinology, including thyroid disease, pituitary and adrenal disease, endocrine disorders in pregnancy, polycystic ovarian syndrome/ other female endocrine disorders, type I diabetes (including new technologies- pumps, continuous glucose monitoring) and type II Diabetes.  She has a special interest in pituitary/adrenal/thyroid disease, in endocrine cancers (including thyroid cancer, adrenal tumours and familial endocrine cancer syndromes), and in helping patients and their doctors in the transition of endocrine disorders from adolescence to adulthood, including type I Diabetes, Graves disease, Turners, PCOS and CAH.

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