Dr Ehsan Rahimikia is a sessional Consultant Psychiatrist at Manningham Specialist Centre with his psychiatric experience spanning over 12 years. He is currently involved in inpatient and outpatient treatments.

Dr Rahimikia believes that sincerity and compassion form the basis of therapeutic success, reflected through his transparent, patient-centred style. He focuses on treating mental illness holistically, given the critical role that psychological, social, cultural and spiritual factors play in the genesis and evolution of mental disorders. Dr Rahimikia is prepared to see patients suffering from a wide variety of conditions including depression, anxiety, personality disorder, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. He is interested in psychotherapy and would offer short- and long-term psychological treatment in addition to pharmacotherapy (prescribing medications). 

Dr Rahimikia has trained locally and overseas and has a Master Degree in Psychological Medicine from University of Melbourne.  Dr Rahimikia has conducted formal teaching as a medical examiner at Monash University and has been teaching junior doctors and medical students in public hospitals.  

Dr Rahimikia is a committed medical professional, dedicated to providing excellence and attentiveness in patients’ care. He endeavours to treat patients as holistic beings and not ‘medical’ cases.

Qualifications: MD, Master of Psychological Medicine, FRANZCP 

Languages spoken (other than English): Persian/Farsi


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